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CG | VFX Supervisor



Kalvin Irawan is an award-winning CG and VFX Supervisor currently

working at Lumine Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia.
He is skilled in Texturing, Look Development, Set Dressing, Lighting and Compositing. He has worked on several bit title such as The Mummy, Justice League, Foxtrot Six, Gundala, Sri Asih, Satria Dewa Gatotkaca, Tira, Moving, and many more.

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03 Experiences


CAVE Academy Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia



Lumine Studio | Screenplay Bumilangit
Jakarta, Indonesia

VFX Supervisor (Client & Vendor)

As a VFX Supervisor, my responsibilities include:

  • (Client) VFX Onset Supervision. It involves traveling, creating previs or techvis before the shoot,  working with other production departments such as DOP, DIT, Art, Gaffer, and SFX team to aid the shot creation, and making sure all VFX plates and elements are properly shot. Lastly, creating daily VFX reports to wrap the day for the Producer and other Show Runners.

  • (Client) Onset Acquisition and Data Wrangling. It involves capturing data such as photo ref, geometry ref, texture ref, motion ref, lighting ref, and witness cam. This process employs techniques such as photogrammetry, lidar scanning, and exposure bracketing.

  • (Client) VFX Reporting. The work involves daily onset and exposure reporting to the client producer and showrunners to flag any additional shots and keep track of the overall budgeting. 

  • (Client) VFX Spotting. Postpro session with Directors and other HODs to spot VFX shots after the edit. Finalizing VFX bidding with internal and client producers. 

  • (Vendor) Oversee the whole VFX Production. It involves leading premortem and postmortem meetings, leading department dailies, and maintaining project wikis. 

  • (Vendor) Work with outsourcing vendors and defined workflow for deliveries. 

  • (Vendor) Work with vendor producers to do VFX budgeting and scheduling. 

  • (Vendor) Work with the internal pipeline department in developing in-house tools to aid production flow and efficiency. 

  • (Vendor) Led and trained internal onset CG teams in data acquisition such as shooting HDRI, panorama, light texture, animation, and rigging reference. Scanning environment, character, and prop with either lidar scanning or photogrammetry techniques. 

2019 - 2022

Lumine Studio
Jakarta, Indonesia

CG Supervisor

As a CG Supervisor, my responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with the CG/VFX Supervisor, Production Designer, and Art Directo to interpret film script, helping to define the Director’s vision.

  • Scope all 3D-related tasks. Contributed to the bidding and crewing process with the VFX Supervisor and Production.

  • Oversee the quality of all work in 3D-related disciplines.

  • Ensures that the Compositing department has all necessary requirements for final shots.

  • Report progress clearly to VFX Supervisors, Producers, and Production Management to address issues and reduce complex problems to simple solutions.

  • Define a strong and flexible pipeline for 3D disciplines with Pipeline/IT department. Ensures that all 3D Assets adhere to pipeline constraints

  • Maintain cross-show quality control by providing aesthetic and technical feedback across departments as per VFX Supervisor and Director's vision. 

  • Review all client notes, and lead production meetings and dailies.

  • Responsible for show-wide pipeline and workflow, mentoring, documenting, and information dissemination. 

2017 - 2019

Lumine Studio
Jakarta, Indonesia

Lookdev | Lighting Lead

As a Lookdev Lighting Lead, my responsibilities include:

  • Setting up lighting rigs according to Supervisors' instructions, and subsequently passing these designated rigs to the lighters for the final shot lighting execution.

    Translate the lighting creative demands of the production into a defined lookdev template that is workable, flexible, and creatively meets the vision of the Director / Production Designer. 

  • Observe ideas and department continuity / maintain consistency of the quality.

  • Review and ensure that the lighting direction and use of defined lighting rigs is adhered to by other junior team members, and can be rendered within the scope of the film's technical infrastructure. 

  • Mentor junior lighting team members on their methods to achieve the production’s goals, creatively and technically. 

  • Assist the CG|VFX Supervisor in communicating with the Manager, and Production Technology, on the development of larger software requisites that affect the look and lighting within the production.

2016 - 2017

Moving Picture Company
Vancouver, BC

Lighting TD

As a Lighting TD, my responsibilities include:

  • Light and render CG elements for The Mummy and Justice League.

  • Deliver technical and creative renders/ final shots according to agreed schedule and supervisor specifications.

2022 - Now

Lumine Studio
Jakarta, Indonesia

Studio Head | COO

As a Studio Head, my responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for recruitment and daily management of VFX Production team.

  • Appraisal of all production staff.

  • Asses production needs, allocating relevant VFX resources to each project. 

  • Act as the key person for escalated issues arising in projects and recommendations to the Managing Director and CEO. 

  • Monitor production tools and workflow. As well as incoming project pipeline needs and procedures.

  • Ensure all VFX projects are completed to the highest standard achievable by engaging production team mentoring, support, and training. 

  • Monitor project budgets and costs in line with production progress and targets. Ensuring that they are within the approved gridlines. 

  • Work with the CEO, MD, and sales staff to establish approved budgets at the start of the project. 

  • Writing and maintaining studio-wide Wiki page.

  • Define SOP across departments.



EA Sports
Vancouver, BC
Assistant Lighter
  • Lighting Stadiums for FIFA 17.
  • Creating custom light rigs for specific stadiums.
  • Reviewing and bug fixing.
  • Flares and Fogs tuning for Rain\Shower\Snow\Flurry weather.


Akira Workshop
Taipei, Taiwan

Freelance Modeler

  • Build CG model based on the approved concept art.

  • Assisted the creation of polyflow.


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